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Table of contents are clickable flowcharts

We are an IT company that implements flowchart-based documents, from which you can click on a link to drill down into more detailed information about the different areas of the flowchart. In other words, the table of contents has been replaced by clickable flow charts

  • Process documentation according to the LogicDocs concept: Flowcharts + links to more detailed documentation. We document all processes, not just IT processes.
  • Development of LogicDocs tools for creating LogicDocs documents automatically. In this focus, the "automatic recording" of the execution logic of IT applications

For us, the goal of documentation is to guarantee the success and efficient implementation of the project. In our view, a sufficiently accurate picture of the existing and/or target state common to all parties is key here. LogicDocs is this shared image.

The LogicDocs implementation consists of the following steps:

  • Let's agree on what kind of flowcharts will be implemented for documentation. The flowchart is the "big picture" of the process, which can be clicked to open more detailed information about the different areas.
  • Let's agree where and in what format the LogicDocs documentation will be implemented.
  • As a rule, we are responsible for creating the body, i.e. the necessary flowcharts, and linking them to more detailed documents. It is not our responsibility to produce the content of more detailed documents - substantive expertise is usually not enough for this.