Native Full Stack Cross-Platform Apps

Get your own beautiful cross-platform apps for iOS/Android, Desktop and Web built on aws serverless services or on-premise - including integrations to existing datasources (ETL). You can find more infromation at FAQ.  Pay only after we have made some progress - we want to split the project into clear phases too.

Start your own business without development phase, own aws account and servers based on our white label projects (under development, new ideas are welcome).

Time to market: short

The basics

All apps have a front-end (mobile, desktop and/or web) and a back-end (rest api and database) and of course project management.

For start we have put couple of our own projects as an example of different kind of apps.

NoteTheLink in short

  • Copy the text from page to clipboard
  • Share the link
  • From share apps choose the NoteTheLink and add the shared link and the copied text to NoteTheLink database
  • Search stored links and open directly in browser from NothTheLink

Real world case: NoteTheLink

NoteTheLink is a small app for storing http link with some text from the web page on the phone. The idea is to give an easy way to quickly store interesting links that you might want to return later. This app is published on AppStore and GooglePlay. From technical point of view NoteTheLink has following features

  • Embedded felgo qml in Xcode(iOS)/Android Studio app project. This was required to enable app to be listed in share apps.
  • SQLite as datastore. The search is built on SQLite Full Text Search features. In general SQlite is a very powerful database and enables even complex app development on phones.

The app is an example of the "totally running on the phone" app including own database. Next Real World Case app is an example of full front-end/back-end app. Of course many apps can be also something in the middle.

Real world case: Bigas

Bigas is our first white label project for helping teams fund their activities. It is implemented (under development) according the information you can find here. The  main idea is to create from this app "your own application" to AppStore/GooglePlay. After this you can start to sell ads for fans that are shown in app and share the profit with team(s). In the picture you can see couple of development phase screenshots of the app. From technical point of view Bigas has following features:

  • Login is based on phone number. A verification code is sent as a sms from backend when starting to use the app
  • Push Notifications are build on OneSignal (iOS, Android). These are used for notifying the user of new news and ads.
  • All the data is stored on AWS Aurora serverless database. We use it in Postgresql compatible mode
  • REST API endpoints are build on AWS API Gateway and serverless Lambda functions (implemented in java)
  • App and AWS backend are hosted by us so you only need to brand your app, create maybe website and start to sell.

Front-end based on Felgo SDK

With Felgo SDK it is possible to build from one code base native applications for iOS and Android. With Felgo SDK it is also possible to build WebAssembly applications running on browser. Felgo is based on Qt Framework and the high level programming language is QML. But technology is not the main issue for us. From projects point of view Felgo SDK programming is easy and time to market is short.

Back-end based on AWS Serverless

AWS serverless solutions are easy to use and scalable. For start-up this is an ideal solution while waiting customers - no use, no costs. Our predefined stack is build on API Gateway + Cognito for serving secured REST APIs for Apps, AWS Lambda for developing java based serverless REST API services and Aurora serverless as scalable PostgreSQL database. These are easy to setup so the time to market will be short.

Web pages based on Bootstrap Studio

On client side our main focus is on Felgo SDK. For WebAssembly applications it is quite often good to embed these into static html pages. The serverless place for these sites is AWS S3. For creating static html pages we use Bootsrap Studio. With Bootstrap Studio it is easy to create good looking mobile first based web sites and again - time to market is short.

Time to market: short

The key for this is: You need to know what to do and how The how part is already described above so the only question is what? And this we need to figure out together. We have long experience developing applications so we know what to ask and what we need from you. In short: You don't need to figure out "the big picture" from technical point of view - we take care of it. All you need to take care is good and clear vision and we can help you to get it After this the time to market is short.

Project in nutshell

This is a project with us in nutshell

The App: Mobile, Desktop and/or Web

From you we need a sketch of what views your App have and how it might look. We make it real with Felgo SDK.

The Data: back-end

From you we need information of what data your App is accessing. Based on this information we create your database and REST API services on it. In short REST API services are for the App for accessing the data.

The App: Publishing iOS and Android

This we do manually by uploading the iOS/Android apps to AppStore/GooglePlay..

The Project

We take care of this from technical point of view - after we have same vision. Of course we report you of the progress and contact you in case of unclear issues or unexpected problems.