Pricing Table

Our focus is on keeping the total prices down. Due to this we have focused in everything on keeping the time to market time short. This is equal to low total costs / project. 


This is the mini project where we setup development environment ready for your developers and give a quick training to get started. In this option you need to buy your own Felgo SDK and QtFramework licenses for your developers

Duration: 3 Days


Most popular


In this option we configure required services on your AWS account and develop the Apps using our tools and licenses.

Duration: Depends on project



This can be done before or after you have buy Felgo SDK and QtFramework licenses. This is more like giving an general overview of the Felgo SDK/AWS serverless projects. In this we use our own laptops and tools. After this you should have enough information to make a decision to go further with this or start the projects on your own. We have following training sets: Felgo SDK development, AWS serverless development

Duration: 1 day / training set



*Prices are without VAT. At least in Finland we need to add 24% VAT on the prices. Other countries according the regulations - in most cases B2B VAT is 0%.