AWS environments

From us you can get Amazon Web Services (AWS) environments as a turnkey service. This mean that you don't need even own aws account.

Serverless environements

Serverless means running web and other apps without own servers. This mean that the cost of these services is near zero if these services are not used. Most common serverless solutions are web and mobile app solutions. The web app is loaded from "disk" wihout own server and possible REST API endpoints are implemented as serverless functions.

Own servers

If you want to use own database (PostgreSQL, MySQL) or install own Joomla/Wordpress etc. application, you need an own server.

We install these kind of server on own private cloud (VPC) and for accessing the servers we install OpenVPN server for creating a VPN connection to these servers. 

Servers will not have public ip so the VPN connection is the only way to access those. Web apps and services we publised to internet using AWS's load balancers. For secure connections (https) we use AWS sertificates.

Pay as you go

Amazon Web Service (AWS) offers really a lot of different kind of services and for example servers from small instances to very powerfull instances. On top of these it is possible eeto build scaleable clusters. Our pricing model is based on small monthly fee (15 € + 24% vat) and fees based on the use of selected resources (servers, databases, file storages etc.).