We can build your App and Back-end both. Or we can build only your front-end or back-end if you already have developers doing other.

Felgo SDK App Development

We can develop your Mobile, Desktop or Web App. Because we want to keep our time to market short before starting it would be good to have some kind of sketch of your application, required texts and translations and images before starting the actual development. 

If you have your own developers or some other team implementing the backend rest api services, some kind of documentation of these services will help a lot to speed up the development process.

When you buy development from us you don't need to buy Felgo SDK and Qt Framework (Felgo SDK is based on Qt) licenses. The development is done using our licenses.

AWS serverless development

AWS serverless is not rocket science but tools for creating AWS infrastructures automatically seems to be (e.g. Terraform, CloudFormatation, Ansible etc.). For "one App" and small environments these tools are also quite often an overkill

We want to keep things simple: AWS console (Web interface) is a good tool for doing simple configurations and AWS CLI (command line tool) is a good tool for automate certain areas of deployments (e.g. API Gateway + Lambda REST API deployments).

For API Gateway + Lambda REST API development we have create a simple script that runs a set of AWS CLI commands for updating the REST API services on AWS. With this tool you don't need to worry about drifting - updating things outside "infrastructure auto generator" (e.g. terraform, cloud formation, ansible etc.).

Bootstrap Studio development

For building traditional web sites we use Bootstrap Studio and vanilla javascript. Bootstrap is a mobile first web framework and if some back-end services (AWS serverless) are required we call them using vanilla javascript. For more complex applications we embed Felgo SDK generated WebAssembly components into web pages.

As an example building this web site with Bootstrap Studio take couple of days and most of the time went to figuring out the texts and finding images.