Bigas Team Ads

Help teams fund their activities

(under development)


Bigas is a latin word for team. And for us a team can be any group of people that have fans and/or or followers. The idea is that these fans can follow the team news using Bigas App and see who are promoting the team (ads) and get some "fan offers" from sponsors.  Then you and the team can earn money by selling ads that are shown to fans in App. Key functions are

  • Your job is to find teams to use the App
  • Team promote the App to fans
  • You sell ads that are shown to fans and both you and team earn money (share the add profit)
  • We take a price for each ad per fan (e.g. 0.005 € / fan / day the fan can see the add. Everything on this is your and the team profit from the add.

The system run on our AWS so all you need to do is to figure out the Look & Feel for the App, create web site and start finding the teams and advertisers.

Bigas key features:

  • Support for large teams and team hierarchy
  • Easy to estimate our fees based on selected teams and the amount of fans they have
  • Split the profit easily to multiple teams based on their fan count
  • Easy to grant access rights (e.g. who is the team leader that can write team news) to team leaders etc.