AWS S3 website setup

How to host static website on AWS s3 in serverless style

Website on AWS S3

In the end most of the websites are a set of static files (html, javascript, images, styles etc.). No matter what tool (Bootstrap Studio, react, Angular, vue etc.)  you have used to create it. The data access is also equal with all these tools: REST API endpoint calls to backend server(s). You send a JSON to server with some data and you get JSON back and show it for user.

AWS S3 is a place where you can store static files cheap and configure it to send those files to browser. In short: you can use AWS S3 as a static files web server.

AWS API Gateway is a serverless REST API service. It is possible to configure it so that your static web site can access the data from there - create, read and update your data.


The internet is full of detailed guides about how to do this in details so in here we give only an overview of the steps.

  • First create a website. We use Bootstrap Studio for this.
  • Second create a public bucket to your AWS account and copy your website files there. You can do this easily using AWS web tools (AWS call it console)
  • Third configure domain name (e.g. for your public bucket. You can use AWS Route 53 for creating domains.
  • If your website app need some REST API services, create and configure your AWS API Gateway for this. This process have been explained in AWS serverless setup.

And thats it! Now you should have website up and running.